When it comes to finding time to deliberately be the best version of yourself and fully embrace life, what is the single biggest challenge you’ve been struggling with?

  • Putting yourself last on your to-do list?

  • Feeling guilty taking time for yourself?

  • Having a hard time being consistent with setting intentional time to learn and grow?

  • Or maybe you’re not sure where to start?

You can start by choosing to LIVE ALL IN.


What is Live All In?


Live All In is a monthly musical toolkit that will:

  • Inspire, comfort and motivate you and your family through powerful music

  • Give you confidence with encouraging and uplifting lyrics

  • Remind you of your potential and help you reach it with beautifully designed printables

  • Help you determine your good, better, best through meaningful song studies

  • Bring you closer to God with thought provoking messages, questions, quotes and scriptures

  • Give you the tools to create moments of stillness, allowing you to focus on what is most important to you

  • Bring out your brave with performance tracks so you can take the stage or…just sing in the shower

  • Allow you to connect with a community of people who are also striving to fully embrace life and live all in

  • Give you something to look forward to each month as you and I experience this exciting, musical toolkit together


Join me on this life-changing, ground breaking journey – you’re gonna love it!

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Annual Plans


(one payment)

All annual plans include access to a private Facebook group,
including a live streamed study session of the song for the month with Hilary Weeks.

Month to Month Plan


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Included in the musical toolkit every month:

  • New original Hilary Weeks song (not available anywhere else!)

  • Instrumental track

  • Custom song study to go deeper into the themes of the song

  • Designed printable artwork featuring lyrics from the song

  • Sheet music

  • Private Facebook Group to connect with Hilary and other Live All In Members (Annual plans only)

  • And more!


Are you ready to live all in this coming year?


Have you seen Hilary’s free video series on finding stillness and finding regular moments to pause and reflect?

Click one of the videos below to watch:


Questions? Click the plus sign to the left of the question below:

+ What is included in my annual plan?

On the first of every month, you'll have access to a brand new Hilary Weeks song, the instrumental track, a custom song study that accompanies the song, a designed meme to print and enjoy, the lyrics of the song, sheet music, and additional surprises each month. With the annual plan, you'll also get exclusive access to a Private Facebook Group to connect with other Live All In members and can join in with monthly study group led by Hilary on the first Tuesday of the month. One other great feature of our annual plan - you'll have access to all the toolkits throughout the year. Want to listen to the January song in the middle of August? Go for it! Want to do the March study again in October? Do it! These toolkits are for you to use for your benefit throughout the entire year.

+ How is this going to help me?

I'm so glad you asked! We have such busy lives, it's hard to remember to pause and focus on what matters most. With this monthly musical toolkit, you'll have a set reminder to stop, reflect and focus on the themes in the songs that will lead you toward living more deliberately. You can even set that time in your calendar right now.

+ Do I have to buy an annual plan? Can't I just buy the toolkit for the month?

You can buy the month to month plan if you would prefer. On the first of January, you'll receive the January songs and materials and will be able to listen to the songs on the website. Then on the first of each month that follows, your credit card will be charged automatically and you'll have access to the new month's materials as well. Membership in the Private Facebook group and access to Hilary's song study live stream is only available with our annual plans.

+ How do I get the songs and other materials?

When you purchase a membership, you'll be able to log into the site and view your songs and the other parts of the monthly toolkit. You can play the songs right on the actual website, and they can also be downloaded to your personal computer or device. The PDFs and other documents can be downloaded to your computer or device as well. If you need help, we have instructional walkthrough videos at the bottom of each toolkit page, as well as instructions on how to contact us.

+ Can't I just buy the songs on a CD?

Not yet! We are planning to create a CD featuring these songs in 2020, but for now, they are only available as part of your Live All In membership. And once we create the CD, the other parts of your membership - the printables, song study, etc. - will no longer be available.

+ Can I buy Live All In as a gift for someone else?

Absolutely! Just send us an email at information@hilaryweeks.com, and we'll help you get set up!

+ Can I share a membership with someone?

According to our terms and conditions, one membership can be shared with individuals living in the same household (example - you can buy a membership and let your kids who live with you or your spouse use it), but the memberships cannot be shared with a friend or family member who doesn't live with you. (They make awesome gifts though! Click here to purchase a gift membership!)

+ Ummm...I forgot my password. What do I do?

We've got you covered. Click the button in the upper right hand corner of the site, and then click "Forgot Password?" and follow the prompts.