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March 2019

Welcome to Live All In! Your materials for the month are below. The audio tracks can be played right from this page, or downloaded for personal use on your computer. They can also be transferred to your mobile device by syncing with iTunes or a comparable audio player on your mobile device.

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I am the storm

Last year my dear friend, Kris Belcher, sent me this quote and told me I needed to turn it into a song.  “Today the devil whispered in my ear, ‘You are not strong enough to withstand the storm.’ Today I whispered in the devil’s ear, “I am a child of God, a woman of faith, a warrior of Christ. I am the storm.”  There is tremendous power in this message and I invite you to let this be your theme song!


I am the storm
Background Vocal & Instrumental Track

“I Am the Storm” with the background vocals and instrumental track.


I am the storm
Instrumental Only

“I Am the Storm” with the background instrumental track. No lead or background vocals.



This downloadable song study accompanies the song “I Am the Storm.” Download and print the study by clicking the button below, and take a moment to be still and listen to the song and think about the questions and start writing.


I am the storm

This beautifully designed printable includes the lyrics for “I Am the Storm.” You can use them to sing along with the instrumental track, or print and frame them as a decoration in your home.

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I am the storm
Sheet Music

Want to play "I Am the Storm” on the piano and sing at the same time? This month, we have two different options for the sheet music - the original key of B Major, and an easier to play transposition in G Major. Download either version of the sheet music by clicking the buttons below.


I am the storm

We took a couple of our favorite lines from “I Am the Storm,” and created these memes for you to print and use to decorate your home.


with special guest Kris Belcher



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